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I'm Rosemarie Lemke (Rose for short of course!), and blog to you from the picturesque state of Wisconsin! For those that know me personally, I'm a very proud Wisconsinite! I'm married to my biggest fan, Jon,  and we have two children. Our daughter is 15 (help....!) and our son is 8.

I started Rose Knows Coupons in 2010 after I realized how beneficial it was to share my shopping tips and strategies with family and friends! A year after my son was born, we moved about 40 minutes away from the big city into a smaller town that only offered a few stores to shop at. Being a stay-at-home mom, I wanted to contribute to the family finances, however, working during the day just wasn't an option. Once I discovered couponing, my husband and I realized that I may not be contributing with a paycheck, but I was certainly saving almost as much as that just by coupon shopping!  

I didn't have the liberty of driving only a few minutes to have my pick of stores so shopping became a process for me. I learned to plan my trips, organize my coupons, and pay close attention to the sale ads. I understand how coupon shopping can be a tad bit time consuming, and since it's become second nature to me, I'll do the work for you! 

Jon, Shawn 

My husband Jon and his best friend Shawn both had schooling and experience with graphic communications and programming so we were able to create Rose Knows Coupons from the ground up without using any existing blogging platform! Everything you see, and mostly every operation on Rose Knows Coupons is thanks to these incredibly intelligent men! I'm so grateful that my "IT help desk" is just a phone call...or should I say just a "friend" away!  (A million thanks to you Shawn!)

Jon, Rose, Shawn

I like to spend my free time working out and reading my beloved contemporary romance or Amish fiction. The kids keep me busy with their school activities and I'm a Cub Scout co-leader with my husband, as well as the Outings Chair for our son's Cub Scout Den! I also have recently started a new travel blog, Amish In Wisconsin! 

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I understand how coupon shopping can sound time consuming. It sounds like one extra step in trying to save money, and it's a step that you think you don't have time for. That's why I'm here to help! Visiting my site will allow you to find the best deals and most current coupons. I'll even help you out by matching up the sales with the current coupons!

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Welcome to Rose Knows Coupons!

Hi! I'm Rose and I blog to you from the beautiful four-season state of Wisconsin! Together with my husband and two children, saving money at the register has become a lifestyle for us; and we wouldn't have it any other way! My approach to coupon shopping is to have fun with it, not obsess about getting every deal, and occasionally exchange the savings for a splurge! My goal with this blog is to help you take the pressure off of yourself by sharing coupons, deals, freebies and more! Read more about me here!

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